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Real Estate Tutor

Everyone has their own learning style, whether you are a visual learner or a hands on doer; our team of professional tutors will adjust their techniques to match your unique and diversified learning habits. The majority of the material in the course is very dry. Our tutors make the experience interactive and insure that you understand and learn all the required material.

Learn the math with step by step directions. Understand the fundamentals of  Law’s, the Strata Concept, Contracts, Agency, Appraisals, Statement of Adjustments and much more.

Pass all the assignments and get expert help to get over 70% on your final exam.

$35 for 1 hour session

$50 for 2 hours session

Licensing Course offered through UBC

Our tutors have had hand on experience in the real estate industry for many years. They are highly educated and very confident in the service they provide. Call us today to book a session.

LESSON 1 – Fundamentals of Law and the Real Estate Services Act

LESSON 2 – Estates and Interests in Land and Title Registration

LESSON 3 – Land Ownership and the Law of Tort

LESSON 4 – Commercial and Residential Tenancies and Strata Properties

LESSON 5 – Financial Statements

LESSON 6 – Professional Ethics

LESSON 7 – Law of Contract

LESSON 8 – Contracts for Real Estate Transactions and Law of Agency

LESSON 9 – Introduction to Mortgage Finance

LESSON 10 – Interest Rates and Mortgages

LESSON 11 – Introduction to Mortgage Law

LESSON 12 – Mortgage Analysis in Real Estate Practice

LESSON 13 – Mortgage Underwriting and Borrower Qualification

LESSON 14 – Local Government Law and Taxes on Real Property

LESSON 15 – Building Design and Construction

LESSON 16 – Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal

LESSON 17 – Direct Comparison (Comparative) and Cost Approaches of Appraisal

LESSON 18 – The Income or Investment Approach of Appraisal

LESSON 19 – Statements of Adjustment

LESSON 20 – Marketing and Technology and the Real Estate Licensee